4×4 Vehicle Build Management…
So you want to travel the country, in a four-wheel drive built to service your exact needs, but potentially time needed for you to organise the build is a problem, or you may not know what is required to get the end result you want.

Private 79 Series Build (finalist 4×4 of the year)

Ae Co 4×4 has practical touring concepts and solutions to suit yours and your families individual needs and requirements.

The 4×4 vehicle build management process we follow is simple and efficient in breaking down your needs and wants, destinations you want to visit and main vehicle uses, we then craft an exact package to meet the requirements.

We are able to cater for 4×4 corporate/business vehicle builds, fleet builds and private builds.

4x4 vehicle build management
Private D’max Build

The management process begins with an initial written questionnaire where we can get an indication about what the vehicle needs to do.
From there we prepare our ideas and meet with you to discuss and establish our stage 1 plan with your assistance and confirmation.
The 4×4 vehicle build management stage 1 plan is an initial inclusions list and a pricing estimate. Following the previous, we simply meet again to run over the ideas and discuss product involvement in your vehicle. After this meeting we submit to you the build draft plan for you to sign off on or modify. If approved, this is where the fun starts and your ultimate journey truly begins.

4x4 vehicle build management
Media Build for Red Dirt Diary / Trak Yakka

The 4×4 vehicle build management begins with us organising suppliers and parts and liaising with the vehicle dealer in regards to any components that must be fitted before registration for engineering purposes.

Quality – Innovation – Care
Fundamentals for 4×4 vehicle build management

4x4 vehicle build management
Dan from Red Dirt Diary Towing His Corporate Customers Trailer to a photoshoot.

We have teamed up with Superior Engineering to be able to offer premium GVM upgrades and coil conversions for the Landcruiser owners, their kits for land cruisers can be looked over here.

To begin your journey with the AE Co 4×4 family, please send an email to sales@aeco4x4.com.au and we will reach out.