Ecu=shop, a name that anyone that’s right into their diesels knows and trusts!

The pinnacle of diesel performance ECU’s, ECU=SHOP offers a range of different performance enhancing ECU products to help diesels perform as they should!

ECU=SHOP touch combo heading into a 300hp 4jj1 Colorado.

From basic throttle controllers through to full stand alone RACE ECU’s (like we are running on our 4jj1 Drag ute) they, and now us have you covered.

You will find many of the products extremely affordable, for as little as $1300 for the folk with NP 300’s Nissan Navara’s, through to the full touch combo that many know and associate with Australia’s most powerful Colorado’s and Dmax’s.

Wiring in touch combo to 300hp Colorado

AE co 4×4 are proud to align with ECU=shop to offer Sydney-siders with quality diesel tuning, and complete performance turn key solutions from mild tow setups to 1000hp monsters.

If you have a diesel and need a power up solution, please don’t hesitate to email us at


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