If you haven’t heard of the Darche Xtender before – you’re missing out! It’s an awesome piece of kit and the ideal touring tent for young families camping, as well as being perfect for your next solo offroad hunting, fishing and camping adventure!

It simply zips onto your Darche 2.5×2.5m Eclipse side awning and comes complete with an extra awning panel, a detachable fly, a rear all-weather gusset window on the tent in a large carry bag. One of the best things about the Xtender? The carry bag isn’t as cumbersome as you may think! In fact, the carry bag is about HALF the size of competing products on the market. This means it’s a whole lot easier to throw in the car and get away for the weekend! It literally takes up less space than your old camp chair.

Recently we had Frankie come into the store asking about the Darche Xtender for an upcoming trip. While it wasn’t an item we currently had in stock, the team organised for it to be delivered from Darche within a few days and it was in store before Frankie was heading off. Straight off the bat, he was impressed with how compact the package is when packed away and was keen to get it set up off road.

One thing to note here, is that Frankie doesn’t have the matching 2.5m Darche Eclipse Awning – he has the 270* Darche Eclipse. Unfortunately the Xtender wasn’t able to zip straight into the awning itself, but as you’ll see below, Frankie has made the best of both worlds!

Dmax Darche Xtender Darche Eclipse Awning TJM RSI SmartCanopy
Offroad adventure camping
Frankie’s D-MAX with the Darche Xtender and Darche 270* Eclipse Awning – both from AE Co 4×4!

Frankie’s Review:

I bought the Darche Xtender in February and took it away camping in the Hunter for the weekend. It’s compact when packed away but also very roomy when set up.

I was unable to zip it to my 270 awning but was aware of this before purchase. I got around this by putting it under the 270* awning and using the guide rope loop on the awning to anchor the awning over the top of the tent. If anything it was less fiddly than what it would’ve been to zip it in properly and if it had rained it would have had the same result.

The tent is great quality and allowed us to drive away from camp as it’s freestanding, all we had to do was detach the guide rope.

It was easy to set up and pack away, and now that I’ve done it a few times I would say I can easily do it in 2-3 minutes. I’m very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a touring tent.

Frankie A. – AE Co 4×4 Customer
dmax xtender eclipse awning tjm ae co 4x4
offroad adventure camping

This time, Frankie has set his Xtender up parallel to the D-MAX. Next time he goes away, Frankie will set the Xtender up from the rear edge of the 270* Eclipse Awning, the same edge you can clearly see in the photo above. This will allow for more versatile usage of space, as Frankie will be able to keep the tent out of the way and set the Awning walls up creating even more shade and space for the kids to run around.

darche xtender
darche tent
camping offroad

Who’s to say you HAVE to set it up anywhere near the awning? You don’t! The Xtender is completely freestanding as well, so there is nothing stopping you putting it a bit further away from your set up if you wanted to.

However the opportunities are endless when it comes to Darche gear, and you could easily in the future invest in another Xtender and set it up off another edge of your awning. What does this mean for you? A simple camp set up suitable for the whole family that is inexpensive, easy to set up and pack away, compact for travel and storage and provides high quality protection from the elements while on your next adventure – all without breaking the bank for a camp trailer!

darche xtender tent camping offroad

Check out the video below showing you just how easy it is to set up and pack away your Xtender!

Learn how to set up your Xtender with Darche.

The Darche Xtender is available to purchase from AE Co 4×4 now, and you can find out more info and order yours here!

AE Co 4×4 – Bringing You The Darche Xtender Touring Tent

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