When Jason had his Nissan Navara NP300 towed in 6 weeks ago after a spate of bad luck with the factory twin turbo system in his tuned NP300, we could understand his reluctance to put the same system in the car for it to potentially happen again.

This isn’t your average NP300, it gets driven hard and used beyond how Nissan intended, the quest was on to craft a product to meet the criteria.

1) Responsiveness – It has to be equal to, or better than the factory setup.
2) Boost pressure – It has to run the same or less boost to get the same result as the factory setup.
3) Cost – It must be cheaper than replacing it with factory turbos.
4) Ease of fitment – Must be easier to fit then factory.
5) Quality – It must be more reliable than factory.

Part 1

We have ticked all the boxes, the end product has honestly exceeded our expectations, drive ability is awesome, we are making the same power as tuned Navaras with 8 psi less boost, its $2000 cheaper than replacing the factory turbos with new factory turbos, It takes half the time to fit than the factory turbos and the turbo charger and the fitting kit (Speedflow) have been tried and tested over many many years.

With the introduction if the ECU=SHOP cube smart module we are also able to have 3 selectable tunes with a dash switch to switch between them on the fly. We set this NP300 up with 2 tunes, a 180hp/420nm tow tune and a 210hp/510nm play tune.

The air is then cooled by a Plazmaman bolt on front mount inter-cooler kit which is relatively easy to fit and provides a significant increase in power, torque and economy.

Part 2

The Ae Co 4×4 single turbo conversion kit is an awesome upgrade for those of you who want more power matched with reliability and simplicity the single turbo kit is able to provide.

NP300 plazmaman front mount intercooler kit

These kits are now available to purchase and can be done below.
> Stage 1 – NP300 Stage 1 Wastegated Turbo Upgrade
> Stage 1 Power pack addition – NP300 Stage 1 + Power up kit

If you are a trade customer, please email us for pricing.

Please note there is a 2 week wait on products.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us on (02) 9627 9148 or by email at Steve@aeco4x4.com.au

Np300 single turbo upgrade
NP300 Engine bay with kit fitted


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