Do you want to gain more power, while reducing your fuel consumption? Are you worried about losing reliability?
We are the unrivalled experts for 4WD diesel tuning in Sydney and take pride in performing safe and reliable dyno tunes customised to suit your needs.

In order for your engine to perform at its best, all of the engine components need to be working together harmoniously and the best way to achieve this is through a dyno tune. Having your rig tuned can ultimately save you loads of dollars in the long run, as an inefficient engine is using more fuel for less power so it just makes sense to optimise it to perform correctly.

It takes extensive knowledge and leading edge equipment to perform diesel tuning correctly, and at AE-CO 4×4 we combine the two to create the ultimate diesel tune. We tune your vehicle to the correct air fuel mixture, optimising its performance and in return reducing your running costs. 

With just a couple of runs on the dyno, we can show you the power and torque gains as well as the improvements made to your vehicle.

What we pride ourselves on the most, is the dyno tuning and preparation of mechanical diesels like the TD42, 1HD and 1HZ engines. We know these systems inside and out and we often retune for customers who have had negative experiences elsewhere!

We have the technology to tune the following models:

  • MAZDA BT-50
  • NISSAN PATROL ZD30, TD42, RD28, TB45
  • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 40/60/80/100/105 SERIES
  • TD42
  • 1HD
  • 1HZ 

So, what can you expect? Check out some of our dyno runs below!

Diesel Tuning Sydney Nissan Patrol Dyno
Y61 Patrol
4wd diesel tuning sydney 79 series landcruiser tune
79 Series Landcruiser
4wd dyno tuning sydney np300 navara tune diesel

What have people said about our dyno tunes?

“Just got my rodeo done there gained roughly 35% more torque, got a a great price and great service highly recommend” – Matthew S.

“Had my 2017 BT50 engine and trans remapped today and a 3” exhaust fitted. The difference is awesome and the team were awesome to deal with. Usually the Ute loaded up gets around 14L per 100 and now I’m down in the 10s with heaps more torque. Highly recommended!” – Nathan D.

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AE Co 4×4 is at the forefront of Adventure Enrichment and have been for the last 6 years, bringing ONLY quality products to the 4wd market, if we wouldn’t fit them to our own vehicles we don’t sell it!
It is our job to ensure you are sold quality products that are perfect for the application you intend them for. If you need any further information on our remapping services or even vehicle servicing and repairs don’t hesitate to email the team at Check out our Facebook page here!

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